Last night I went to the cinema to see Safe, which was perfectly enjoyable in a ridiculous way, with the always good value Jason Statham.  However, it was one of the trailers I saw before the film, that I'm a little more excited about.  The Raid looks like the sort of film that has enough ultra-violent fueled energy to power a small country.  Twenty SWAT cops storm a 30 storey tower block, run by a vicious crime lord, encountering non-stop bloodthirsty nastiness on each floor.  Bring it on!  Out in cinemas, 18th May.

If you can't wait another week for high rise apartment fun, and want something considerably less slick, check out Tenement on DVD, which has a similar theme.  The residents of a tower block grass up their local drug dealers and soon learn to regret it, once the gang are released back into the community.  The gang work their way up the floors, attacking each apartment, getting their revenge on the residents inside. 

Tenement has a really grungy tone, like other New York films from the time, such as The Warriors.  Whilst The Warriors also had a dilapidated bleak feel to it, the film was nonetheless good fun.  Tenement is much more brutal, and had it been made with more skill it could have been quite a powerful, if nihilistic film.  Interestingly, for such a masculine film, it was made by a female director, one Roberta Findaly, who with her husband Michael, made numerous pornographic/exploitation films during the sixties and seventies.  Check out The Flesh Trilogy to see their art at its finest.