Sinful Dwarf
For my first blog post, I thought I'd write a little something on one of my all time favourite exploitation films, The Sinful Dwarf.

The opening sequence is just fantastic.  Olaf (played by Torben Bille), the titular little guy, is prowling the streets when he chances upon a young woman (child?) playing hopscotch.  He has one of those squeaking, somersaulting soft electronic dogs on a lead, which works its magic on the girl, enabling him to lure her back to his guest house.  Once there, walking cane raised in hand and unbelievably sinister gurn on face, Olaf boinks her on the head and her life as an attic sex slave is soon to begin.  This introduction serves well in setting up the audience’s expectations for this grubby little film.  It turns out that Lila Lashe, Olaf’s mother and proprietor of the guest house/brothel, has quite the collection of drugged out prisoners in her loft.  She's a shrewd business woman, and knows when to cut her losses, "Betty's using far too much heroin, there's not much profit in Betty anymore".  When she’s not pimping them out to the local men, or trying to smuggle drugs, her and her friend enjoy gin soaked reminiscences of her cabaret days.

There's a pretty lifeless plot involving a young couple staying at the guest house, but the screen presence of the wonderfully twisted Torben Bille plus the general hideous inappropriateness of it all, means you're unlikely to lose interest.  Despite (because of) its sordid nature, it’s actually a hell of a lot of fun.